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Cosmic Insight

Financial Frequency is delighted to partner with Hattie Parker, MSEd, Aura and Life Energy Consultant, Astrologer and Numerologist. Jill was introduced to Hattie in June 2020, a time when Jill was heavily focused on helping clients access stimulus funds. Faced with juggling the increased pressures of the business and the sudden need for home-schooling, she was near burn-out. Hattie's insights and recommendations proved profoundly helpful. 


Hattie offers guidance for both individual and professional problem solving. In her enthusiasm for Hattie's work, Jill has arranged for her team members to individually benefit from Hattie's expertise. Jill sees this as not only enhancing self-awareness but assisting in team building. 


Jill recommends and strongly encourages clients to gain the personal and professional insights available through consulting with Hattie. Sessions with Hattie can result in an understanding of ways to optimize the life energy body, which in turn leads to the balancing of mind, body and spirit. 


Find out more about Hattie at

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