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Our Services

We are real people, real business owners with real business experience and we understand the needs of our small to medium sized business owners. Some of our favorite clients to work with are entrepreneurs with the passion and spirit to create their own businesses and follow their dreams. We feel that we can add so much value to these individuals and their businesses and help them understand their business from a financial perspective and improve the bottom line while also helping them to achieve their goals to make their personal and professional dreams come true. We are not your typical accountants and we speak your language as a business owner and as a real human being with all of the things that life brings your way. Our main goal is to help our clients achieve work-life balance by enabling business owners to balance their business and personal lives while we balance their books and make sure their financial house is kept in order. We understand how delicate this balance is and strive to provide the necessary resources to help our clients achieve balance and have peace of mind. 


* New Business Start Up & Consulting including entity type selection & formation, organizational structure and tax classification

Planning to start a new business? Click Here for our New Business Start Up Guide and here for our New Business Checklist

* Quick Books Set Up & Training - Have Quick Books but not sure where to begin? 

* Bookkeeping & Payroll Services - We offer fixed monthly fees or by the hourly rate plans tailored to meet your needs and budget

* Full Service Back Office Solutions - We can invoice your clients, collect your outsanding accounts receivable and even pay your bills

* Business Plans & Loan Application Packages - We can assist you to write your business plans as well as assist you in putting together loan application packages whether you are looking to obtain a business Line of Credit or Secured Loan or apply for a home mortgage loan. With our past lending experience we understand what financial institutions and underwriters are looking for and can help you to get the deal done.

* Tax Planning throughout the year to avoid any unwanted surprises come tax season

* Business Coaching, Planning and Consulting

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